10 tips to keep you sane while working from home

Are you still in your pyjamas and expecting to be productive while working from home? Don't do it. Working from home may be a foreign concept for some of us. But lack of preparation may just be the bane of your productivity. From ensuring proper internet connectivity, creating a work space, how you dress to addressing eating habits, preparation will be key for anyone working from home.

Here are some tips to help you cope:

Wake up time

You cannot afford to wake up five minutes before your work day starts. You need time to prepare for the day, both mentally and physically.

Get dressed

Firstly, get changed out of your pajamas every morning. It'll help get you in the right headspace for work and allow you to take video calls on the fly.

Where are the shoes?

Try wearing shoes, because let's be real: You probably wouldn't be chilling barefoot in an office.

Workspace that works

Pick one or more dedicated workspaces, ideally with a decent chair that will support your back.

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Create or continue your routines

Create or maintain your daily routine in preparation for your workday, establish a wake-up time and a routine to support a normal working day.

Don't overwork

Overworking can be a real issue, so clearly define what hours you will be working and stick to it. And have lunch breaks where you don't look at anything work-related.

Don't be that girl!

Don't do household chores randomly throughout the day, since it can get distracting. Instead, schedule a specific time for them.

Log off

Sign out and turn off notifications for work-related email and instant messaging when the day is over — especially if you're signed in on your personal devices.

Virtual socializing is allowed

Be sure to socialize after work, even if it's just a video call, to keep the loneliness at bay.

Make bedroom off limits

Finally , try to keep your bedroom as a sacred space for sleeping and relaxing where work is banned. It'll help make the work-life divide a little clearer.

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