Becoming Mo

Kamo Seekoei

Authenticity and speaking one’s truth are two principles that guide social media influencer, academic and philanthropist, Motheo Moremi.

The Pretoria lass, who is an HR practitioner at Deloitte, believes that people appreciate authenticity more than fake.

Moo Moremi, her avatar on social media, shattered twitter earlier this year from only one post, a picture of her wearing a doek and the Zion Christian Church insignia.

It was a day just like any other and the post was like any other she had posted before, but on that day the University Cape Townvice chancellor Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng shared her post with an affectionate comment.

Her life would change forever and her following grew exponentially.

Since then she has become something of a symbol for any woman seeking their voice.

She proudly wears her church insignia in each picture that she takes and posts on her timeline.

“There is a myth that people in my dominion are poor and they cannot look hot, so I also kind of shattered that myth because I have been consistent in who I am and what I represent”.

She is adamant that she is not trying to be who she is not.

“I wear my insignia every day because that is who I am. I am a praying woman and do so according to the principles and teachings of my church. I have accepted that there are always people who will point out my insignia and make comments about it but I am not here for that,” she says.

She is happy that through her social media presence she is able to inspire a generation of people who may have been shunned before on the basis of their religion.

“It inspires me when I hear people say your boldness inspires me because then I know that my being authentic is inspiring to others, it is me not a put on personality.

Motheo says she now recognizes the power of social media.

“Social media can break you or make you and it truly is up to you how you use these platforms,” she says.

Motheo says it is important for people especially women to speak their truth.

“There is so much pressure that is placed on women, mother daughter, wife all these roles and in all that they tend to lose themselves. I feel that it is important that one remains authentic at all times and raise your voice.”

Becoming a stylist

“A few people have seen my style and love it so much that I have started receiving requests to style some people”.

She says her first client has been her guinea pig because she has not styled anyone before.

“It has been great because she is happy with my services and the weirdest is that we have not yet met”.

The future

Starting as an intern for the company she works for is an intentional move for Motheo.

She says she has a clear vision for herself and for her career and her current employer still provides opportunities for growth for her.

The job market is hard at the moment and finding a company that works for you is insane and I really do not want to put myself in a position where things are complicated.

The key is to make things happen in the space that you are in.

She is currently studying towards her honours degree in industrial psychology.

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