Business empowerment through spirituality

By Basetsana Makhalemele

Separating business and spirituality is an equation that does not make sense for entrepreneur, accountant and pastor, Arabang Mogoboya.

Her mission in life is to empower women, to help them remember who they are and what their purpose is and she is not about to slack on that.

Through her work she is determined to inspire women and help them grow their businesses by strengthening their spirituality.

“As an organisation we believe that we have all been called to make a difference, be it spiritually, in business or socially,” she says.

Mogoboya established the non-profit, voluntary organisationknown as Sister’s Helping Hand or SHH as a vehicle to advance her work.

The organisation is committed to providing a platform for the upliftment, healing and empowerment of women through the Word of God.

She explains that the organisation helps women to create connections on multiple dimensions – spiritual, business and social. It creates opportunities for new and existing business owners to grow their businesses.

Mogoboya says the inspiration to establish SHH came from seeing many abandoned dreams.

“Through the years of counseling different women, I realizedone common factor that they all shifted their focus to the mountain that was before them, the challenges they were facing. They had forgotten who they were, and moreover not realizing there was a bigger plan behind what they were facing,” she says.

The idea of SHH came following a tough divorce, where she lost her way and focused on her challenges rather than possible solutions.

“Through the journey I developed a deep need to know more about God, I then enrolled at World Harvest Bible College where after graduating I was ordained to be a pastor,” she says, adding that becoming a pastor was never part of the plan.

About her journey and helping women Mogoboya says it’s been a fulfilling.

“I believe that a life well lived is a life lived to its purpose. And channeling women to realize their purpose and seeing them actually living it out is more than a reward for me. Hearing comments after events like, ‘I never had an encounter with God until this moment’, is all we are for,” she admits.

Mogoboya says women often forget that there is more to life than the challenges they often face.

“The challenges are allowed in your life to build you to take up what God has in store for you in future. Success is not the end of it, there will be opposition when you occupy your success seat, without knowledge, wisdom and a tenacious spirit, you will not make it,” she says.

But doing all this how does she take care of herself.

“I once listened to Myles Monroe saying ‘You can never make an impact in the world with 8 hours of sleep, if you are to pursue your dream, there’s a price you will have to pay’. It is all about time management, it’s not easy but balance is important, I have to make time for God, time my children, time for family, time for the church, time for my day to day work, time for business, time for studies and time for the organization. And for me to succeed in all these, I prioritize and allocate time accordingly. It’s also about being disciplined in living an organized life,” she says.

An autobiography about her life will be published later this year.

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