Fear, the stumbling block for many entrepreneurs

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

By Edith Salimani

Edith Salimani

STARTING a business can be scary and challenging. The thought of becoming your own boss from being employed can be daunting.

Most people stay with an excellent business idea because they develop fear when they have to get the idea off the ground.

It is understandable that running a business is never an easy feat, however its success begins with you.

For those who decide to start a positive mindset and eagerness to succeed are top of mind.

However, during their first year of operating they face challenges that they never predicted. It is very common to say” business fail due to poor management, lack of capital, location, poor

planning, over expansion or lack of marketing” however, some businesses fail simply because of fear.

Fear is one of the invisible causes of failure.

This can be doused through support, mentorship, and proper guidance.

As a business consultant, I meet people from different industries and backgrounds, who come for help to rescue their businesses. These are small business owners with less than two years in operation, who have tried everything in their power to grow their businesses.

Upon consultation with the clients, I’ve learned that the cause for failure or poor performance is not related to poor management or operation but often to fear.

Mental strength to face and deal with challenging situations is needed.

I found most business owners giving up too early in business due to minor challenges.

Business requires mental strength to help you cope with challenges.

If you have a business idea and you are afraid to get started, there are government agencies

that will help you to get started and to access services such as the business plan, branding,

funding etc. Alternatively, for guidance, visit your nearest business consulting company that has track record in business consulting.


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