Four things still not allowed as lockdown eases

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

With only a few days left of the stringent lockdown initially announced by the President Cyril Ramaphosa and as we move to level four restrictions there are a few takeaways we need to remember.

The announcement of a phased approached to lifting restrictions of the lockdown by the president on Thursday has left a few of us confused about whether we are free to walk the streets or return to work.

As we await the ministers to outline the specifics of their departments and inform us on what we have compiled four things that are definitely still part of our daily lives.

Here they are:

The elderly and vulnerable must stay home

First and foremost the elderly and people with underlying health conditions have to self-isolate and stay home.

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No gatherings

The president has been very clear about gatherings and stating that only work and funeral gatherings will be allowed. Work gathering will be under strict safety conditions such as social distancing.

No alcohol

Smokers have finally received some reprieve from the president. But that is as far as the restrictions have been lifted on sale of goods deem unessential. Which means NO sale alcohol. This also means taverns, shebeens, pubs and clubs remain closed.

No travelling

Until those of us who are stuck in the concrete jungle can travel home, this is still a lock down. According to the president there will be NO cross province travel unless for a funeral or transportation of goods. International travel is allowed only for South African and foreign nationals who require repatriation.

The restriction still stands for borders “The virus does not travel if you do not travel,” he said.

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