Five hack to enhance your life in 2020

Forest bathing, biohacking and smart philanthropy, all work together to enhance that new life you dream so much about.

Great Girls, a non-profit project in Cape Town that helps girls in disadvantaged communities enroll in a two-month mentoring programme, has enlisted some top trend to consider for an enhanced 2020. It’s not late yet to start.

According to Forbes, come 1 February, only 25% of people stay committed to their New Year’s resolutions, Great Girls says. By December, only 8% accomplish them.

In 2020, do things differently. Try a trend across five areas of your life – career, physical fitness, mental health, spiritual wellness and philanthropy – to make a difference that could be long-lasting. Here are a few to get you started:


A top trend to consider: Get comfortable with robotic process automation (RPA)

As the world evolves in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), more and more work will be automated by machines. While research firm Forrester predicts that more than one million jobs will be replaced by RPA in 2020, there’s still hope for us humans. Forrester also predicts that approximately 331 500 jobs will be added to the United States workforce next year and these will specifically need humans’ intuition, empathy, and physical and mental agility. So, while your new colleague may be a software system, getting to know it's ins and outs and how best your human skills are required will stand you in good stead.


A top trend to consider: Try virtual wellness… and cannabidiol (CBD)

With the myriad apps available for exercise and workout routines, virtual wellness is becoming super popular. Instead of heading to the gym, you can now tune into a livecast of a class or use an interactive mirror to do everything from yoga to boot camp. And for those of us turning to more holistic wellness, CBD (cannabidiol, a non-psycho-active strain of cannabis or hemp) offers anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants. More cosmeceutical products now contain CBD as an ingredient to help fight ageing, ease redness and calm sensitive skin.


A top trend to consider: Give smartly and earn back tax

We all want to be charitable but with the number of scams out there, it’s difficult to decide where your hard-earned cash or valuable time should go. Enter the era of smart giving, which is essentially a way to track your donations and earn great tax benefits at the same time. The golden rule: Develop a plan with a set annual donation amount. Smart giving is ideal for small businesses, big companies and individuals. Organisations that accept these types of donations must be registered with SARS as an S18A.


A top trend to consider: Hack your body

Although it may sound like something out of Alita: Battle Angel, the concept of biohacking is a lot more simple, to energise and enhance your body, most often post-workout. And there are myriad ways to get your body to peak performance again, which are not all super high-tech. Practicing mindfulness,eating mood-boosting food, doing yoga, wearing blue-blocking glasses, optimising your sleeping habits, emphasising touch and taking nootropics (a type of supplement that claims to boost your memory) are all potential methods of biohacking.

SPIRITUAL WELLNESS GOAL – Get outside or meditate

The pace of life has increased exponentially and, without even knowing it, many of us are constantly stressed and worried. In 2020, claim back relaxation and vitality by leaving the tech at the office and heading outdoors.

This article was created by Great Girls, a woman focused Cape Town based empowerment organization.

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