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How the digital world can help you manage your finances better

Updated: Mar 21

By Dikonelo Mike

THE digital age has advanced so much that people can literally get any information that they want.

This goes for things as basic as translating a language, children’s homework to medical facts.

Because financial literacy has got nothing to do with your education levels and is absolutely different from having formal education on finances, the basics of it too can be acquired online.

Financial literacy is the ability to make wise financial decisions based on experience and continuous acquisition of financial knowledge that accommodates your lifestyle. Much like motivation or the decision to be healthy, it is a continuous process.

You can attend financial literacy seminars, do online courses, get a financial coach or even read different topics on finance.

We live in an information age, it is much easier now obtain methods on finances.

Structuring your first salary is a good way to get started on constructive financial habits. Although there is no given formula to financial wellness, pick one habit that you can master and only then, move to the next. Remember, your dreams are valid.

Protect your earning

While getting financially fit is a thing to do ladies, remember to protect your earnings.

There is a saying that goes: Earning money is easy. Keeping it ishard. It is now time to think about your long term plan, yourlegacy and when you want to retire.

It is key to insure yourself and your assets against any risk. You can insure yourself through a medical aid, a will, retirement planning and insuring your assets.

Protecting what you are already building is a step forward inbuilding your net worth.

So do it!