In the groove of her game

By Sisana Masithela

THERE is nothing more attractive on a woman than confidence.

And on public relations specialist, social media trainer and high achiever, Sibonisile Ngubane, it looks amazing.

This finalist from season six of the SABC reality TV show, One Day Leader, believes in bringing her A-game to everything she does.

And according to her resume, she has certainly brought her A-game it to her life’s stage.

At just 25 Sibonisile is already achieving her goals, attaining her dreams and flying the SA flag high.

Talk about living your best life.

“You always have to ask if your efforts are actually the best you can do, if the answer is no then you have to do better,” she says.

Now working for the multinational PR company Ditshego Media, the young woman started her journey right after school when she was offered a position as an English teacher for threeyears before going on to pursue her passion for public relations and journalism full time. Sibonisile, who is also a spoken word artist, says her journey started in high school where she led various community-based projects and also travelled the world in her own capacity as a spoken word artist.

"Your Journey will not be like everybody else's, forge your own path and never compare yourself,” she says.

Sibonisile kicked off her year on a superb note when she featured on Ispani, a work readiness youth show on SABC1, to advice young PR graduates how to make it in the PR industry and what makes for a successful campaign which included some of the skills needed.

This was a goof follow up from some of her contributions from 2018, which included being invited to Malawi as a panelist at the African Parliamentarians Association for Human Rights first symposium to discuss Democracy and Human rights in African countries.

The young motivational speaker, also formed part of the panel of talk radio station Power FM’s power-up where she landed hervoice to current social issues.

According to Sibonisile, passion, being proactive and time management are some of the best qualities for her achievements.

"A calm, clear head will get you far,” says former Journalist for the Huffington Post.

She confesses that over the years she trained herself to be calm even in the most stressful situations, as this helps her think clearly and communicate with her client's.

The phenomenal young woman is currently invited by the deputy minister of social development to be part of a committee working on a national strategy on advancing the rights of persons living with albinism in South Africa.

Managing in a stressful industry Sibonisile says she tries to make it easy working in a very stressful industry, but that she has had to learn the hard way to manage stress.

Time and experience have showed her that not everything needsstressing about.

"Often it's how we choose to react to situations that cause stress,so I have had to teach myself to step back and evaluate the situation to its full extent before I react"
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