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Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Kamo Seekoei

FOR all her achievements and accomplishments actress and businesswoman Mapaseka Koetle-Nyokong is just an ordinary woman who is working hard to attain her dreams.

We meet her at the Scandal studios in Johannesburg where she had just filmed a scene for the soapie.

She is a happy soul. This is obvious in the way she greets, with a hug and an instant chat.

The chit chat immediately get into her recent recognition as one of South Africa’s Top 100 Most Influential Young South Africans of 2018.

“It’s always a shock when one receives these kinds of accolades because you think to yourself, me? But it shows that people are taking note of my work and that I appreciate a lot”.

The award winning actress was also one of the South African creatives who made it into Forbes Africa Under 30 list in 2018.

She says the recognition could be because she always wants to keep herself authentic.

“I feel that it is important for one to do things at their own pace, to be authentic. I do not do things with pressure of age or feel the need to compete with anyone I am on my journey and doing it at my own pace,” she says.

Mapaseka, 30, plays the role of Dintle in the soapie, a role she says she loves because it has taught her not to be judgmental of the choices people make.

“Dintle is a feisty, gold digger who likes to cut corners. Even her job in the bar is not ideal for her she would rather be spending someone else’s money and being the house wife of what what,” says Mapaseka of the role she plays.

She is also feisty, she admits, but this is as far as the similarity with her role goes.

“We share the same energy but personally I would not do things the same way as she does. I know that I have to work hard for what I want and there are just no shortcuts in life,” she says.

The Bloemfontein-born lass came to the city of lights with one thing in mind, to be a television actress.

She studied Acting for Camera at the City Varsity and graduated in 2011 with a Diploma.

“I have always been an actress, even at home while growing up I would just make up a monologue and perform for my mother. This was long before I even knew what a monologue was,” she says.

So choosing a career in acting was an obvious choice.

She has been in other productions including the Mzansi Magic’s local film Second Chances.

In 2015 she received the Best Support Actress in the Royal Soapie Awards.

Starting a business

As exciting as it is to have started her business, Mapasekaadmits that running business is no mean feat.

She bought a Gorge Coffee Shop franchise situated at the Gautrain station in Sandton, Johannesburg in 2018.

She was introduced to the franchise by her husband who used to bring her sandwiches from there.

When she went to one of the restaurants after giving birth she was so impressed that she expressed a wish to want to own one of the shops.

A year later the dream came true.

“The business is a franchise so it was easier to set up because everything is set up for you, but business will humble you, because the first to third year are usually the most demandingand hard to make a profit,” she says.

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