Reclaiming her star status

Keitumetsi Motlhale

INFUSING technology into music to access markets is a testthat many modern artists are creatively embracing.

Although technology is said to have warped the way music is consumed, followed and sold, new technological platforms have become a popular way to sell music.

Apps however, are not a suited solution for everyone who wants to follow a certain artist.

In her bid to reclaim her star status and put out an album that is completely self-produced, award-winning afro-fusion artist, Siphokazi Mohapi, who goes only by Siphokazi, is also testing new trends.

In the world of content streaming the Sama and Metro award winner is testing the uptake of concert streaming as a concert format.

The music concert has a digital spin to it of being live-streamedand is set to o take the music industry to a different level when it comes to showcasing local musician talents on a global scale.

“An initiative of this magnitude has never been done in the country, especially with local musicians. The scope and platform is huge and set to break boundaries and gives unlimited opportunity for the ‘Siphokazi’ brand to be seen by multitudes around the world while showcasing my talent,” Siphokazi says.

This music experience by Sollywood in partnership with the South African Digital Content Organisation has already impacted more than 1000 youth in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape. The project has a target of reaching at least 5 000 youth by 2020.

In the concert the songstress known for her hitmaker, ‘Amacala’will feature iconic musicians such as Yvonne Chaka Chaka, Bheki Khoza, Khaya Mahlangu and many other artists, backed by a talented band and Chamber Orchestra.

The organisers say the event will not only be an out of the ordinary symphonic experience but it will also serve as a powerful platform for local talent exposure for local artists and fashion designers, as well as youth development funding within the technology space.

This by creating a platform of global exposure via live-streaming of the music show and raise funds towards local music distribution across multiple digital platforms and raise funds for the establishment of multiple exposure streams. Furthermore, better the youth in the digital technology space. 

On her latest offering Siphokazi says the album maintains her true artistry and style.

“My music is Afro fusion. I still maintain the sound that my fans know me by,” she says.

On whether she is now taking a more gospel approach to her career, she explains that she grew up listening to Maskandimusic, jazz music, rhythm and blues and gospel music whichhave influenced her music.

“My lyrical content is inspired by change, what is happening around me, people and the word of God. My latest album still maintains all these but it is mostly inspired by the word of God. It's an encouraging album, a feel good album and an album that makes one think and reflect,” she says.

She says the world around her, which is becoming more different and shocking inspired the new album.

“We get shocked by many different things everyday so the album is basically encouraging people to be more resilient and prayerful.”

“Having said that I do not mean that the album is a gospel (in the traditional sense) because I believe gospel is a message and not a genre. The album is more message centric,” she says.

The difference from other albums is the fact that it is acoustic, self-produced with the help of Victor Kgantlape as a co-producer and I wrote most of the songs myself.

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