Shopping for lockdown, an experience

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

By Kamogelo Seekoei

The thought that banks, supermarkets and everywhere else would be completely packed on Thursday did not deter me from putting off the shopping until the last minute.

By nature I like pressure, I thrive on It, so I was not surprised when I checked the time a day before lockdown as I left my house and it was 5:10pm.

I would not be doing any panic buying and I am certainly not a stockpiler, my OCD does not allow me to behave in such a way.

Given these reasons, I had calculated that I would be back within an hour.

That was not to be as every queue took about 40 minutes of my time.

The empty shelves also did not aid my plight, I mean there was no bread at my neighborhood supermarket. There were no eggs and no meat. I hear you laughing, go on have fun.

In any case three hours later I had all I needed.

This is more ore or less what I had in my bags.

Eggs, milk, fish, viennas, all bran flakes, noodles, frozen veggies of all kinds, fresh veggies and fruit, pap, coffee, creamer, sugar, biscuits, cheese puffs, energy drinks, wine.

Please share what your essentials were to survive the 21 days.

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