The checklist businesses should see before declaring lockdown over for employees

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Risk of transmission, expected impact on the sector due to a continued lockdown and value of the sector to the economy are three factors that will assist the government in determining alert levels for each province as more sectors of the economy prepare to open doors for employees.

The alert levels will be determined with reference to the rate of infection and the health system’s capacity to handle the virus at that particular point in time.

This comes at the back of the announcement by President Cyril Ramaphosa of the implementation of a risk-adjusted strategy in easing the nationwide lockdown and the country will move from its current position at level 5 to level 4.

This adjustment means that all essential services will be able to continue operating together with the following additional sectors:

  • Food retail stores will be permitted to sell their full line of products;

  • Agriculture and forestry;

  • Mining;

  • Financial and professional services;

  • Postal and telecommunications services;

  • Information Technology services

  • Formal waste recycling services;

  • Transport restrictions will largely be lifted (this will be subject to limitations on vehicle capacity and hygiene requirements).

This however does not mean it will be full capacity for all employers or that all the listed sectors will return to work as the country enters level 4 of the lock down.

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