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Starting a business on almost nothing and all alone is a feat that many will not endeavor. But Bloemfontein born Rorisang Setlogelo dared to dream and nine years later her advertising agency has scooped its first prism award. The honour she says validates the work they do and the talent of her team. Ignited Woman editor,

Kamogelo Seekoei, caught up with Rorisang to talk about her award, hard work and betting on yourself despite dissenting voices.

Ignited Woman (IW): Rorisang, your company has recently won a Prism award. This kind of accolade should be something that validates your hard work. Perhaps let's start with how are you feeling after this award?

Rorisang Setlogelo (RS): This award truly meant the world to us. This validates that a bold and determined group of young individuals, in a woman run agency can create dynamic and inspiring work.

This not only validates, it also motivates us to keep giving our all to our work. We feel ecstatic and greatly honoured, we feel seen and appreciated. This win is in a new category Food and Beverage, that is hugely coveted and we emerged the Gold winner. The highest award in this category. I’m proud of my team, and so happy to have them recognised. I’m proud of the business purpose which led to this work, Creativity that Elevates.

This year’s Prism Win also was announced in this difficult COVID-19 pandemic, giving us a massive morale boost as we work from home. We celebrated together in the little way we can but we intend to celebrate ourselves a lot more in future.

IW: How hard did the team have to work on this award winning project?

RS: It’s the culmination of 3 years of hard work and dedicated partnership to our client to build equity, value and incredible brand experiences.

We focused on understanding the consumer and the clients brief at every turn and worked

extremely hard to deliver the most innovative creative communication solutions.

We had to be bold, push ourselves and the brief to get to the insights that unlocked greater potential.  We always knew we were capable of award winning work as a collective, we knew we were organised, passionate and intent on creating a magic that could inspire great work. So we sharpened the tools, focused and dedicated ourselves.

We believe in going big, in creating an opportunity for ourselves to shine because one will not always be given opportunity.

IW: Please tell us more about the award, what category was it for and for which campaign?

RS: We won this award for the Cause for Celebration campaign for Avant Garde champagne brand GH MUMM.

Our approach to creative communication is to build compelling content, that is well researched and supported by insights led by our consumers. We are not afraid to follow our consumers and we are not afraid to build leading communication pieces for them to well experience a brands offering. This campaign was the culmination of this dedication.

IW: Was this your first award and why is it important for you to enter award competitions?

RS: This was our first prism award. We have a number of other awards and global best practice recognitions. I love awards, they really validate talent that can often times be overlooked. People must never lose faith in their dreams and their goals. Awards allow you to look back on your journey and know you are worthy of anything you can possibly imagine. I want my team to know how worthy they are and I want them to have the confidence to always trust their talent and trust the work we build.

IW: What would you say have been the highlight of your career so far?

RS: The highlight of my career has been building a business that I could be proud of. I didn’t have the benefit of capital so I started with one client and grew that one client to a client base of 25. I started with just me, later on my business partner Lamu joined the business a year in, then from there I really built a business of reputable and dedicated creative specialists across the board. This

business will be nine years old in September. The success of this business gave me the confidence to launch my new market offering. A business called Resonate Productions.

IW: What characteristics should one have to stay

relevant in your industry?

RS: I think in our industry relevance is about the most authentic offering you can make to the market as a business. A place of innovative ideas, where the collective is unafraid to challenge industry norms. We have always been about evolving our capabilities as a business to create and produce work that stretches us. We have brilliant basics but this was not enough for me or my team. We wanted to go where others wouldn’t go.

IW: For someone wanting to do the work that you do (even run their own agency) what advice would you give?

RS: First step is to bet on yourself, do not let

anyone limit you. Tell yourself what you are capable of, or what you are equal to. Understand your value, unlock your own excellence and do things that make you proud of your own contribution. Have tenacity, the road will be hard but there are

so many people willing to help you build your idea. You won’t know that at first because perhaps you

will be alone on the founding stage but as you get more passionate about your own work, no one can stop you and everyone will want to help build you. Of course there will be dissenting voices, but they are not your priority.

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